08 Mar

Do You Trade Against The Trend?

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Trade with the short term trend, as the saying goes in futures trading that the trend is your friend. Sometimes you will be a market that is trending higher and then has a false breakout to the upside and then suddenly sells off causing you a 2% loss on your equity and you say to yourself that was a bad trade and should I do something different on my next trade.

08 Mar

Do You Add To A Losing Trade ?

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This next rule is extremely important and I witness this being abused constantly creating tremendous loses that are sometimes difficult to come back from.

08 Mar

Cotton Prices Close Near Lows; What Will Farmers Plant ?

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Cotton Futures-- Cotton futures for the May delivery finished down 56 points to finish 89.56 a bale in a uneventful trade today before tomorrow's big USDA crop report which comes out of 7:30 AM central time keeping a lid on prices this afternoon. A couple days ago India stopped exports of cotton causing cotton prices to climb from 88 to 94 in one day only to sell off from those highs to possibly retest contract lows of 84.50 a bale.

08 Mar

How Do You Protect Yourself Against A Falling Dollar?

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 Investing in the S&P 500 and commodities can be a wise idea to grow your portfolio over the course of time, however there can be tumultuous times that can have your portfolio decline dramatically as in the case of the financial collapse of 2008. Those times are over and the S&P is right near its old highs and the Nasdaq composite is at 11 year highs and the commodity markets have rallied tremendously in the last couple of years.

08 Mar

Feeder Cattle & Cattle Higher Today

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The meat futures today in Chicago were higher across the board with feeder cattle futures climbing 110 points while live cattle futures climbed 87 points to close around 126.45 a pound in the April contract. Lean hogs had a quiet session ending up seven points to close around 87.42 in light trade in Chicago.

08 Mar

Dollar Sharply Lower!

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Currency Futures-- The U.S dollar today was sharply lower finishing down 65 points in the June contract to close around 79.59 an active trade today while the Euro currency was higher by 124 points to finish at 1.328 going into tomorrow's unemployment report which will come out at 7:30 AM central time.

08 Mar

Do You Over Trade?

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If you don’t follow this rule you will be sure to lose your money quickly. This rule is simple Do Not OVERTRADE EVER for this is an easy way to lose all your capital quickly.

08 Mar

Crude Oil & Products Higher On Weak Dollar

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Energy Futures-- Crude oil futures today rallied slightly higher by $.60 cents a barrel to close approximately at $106.80 while heating oil futures were the leader of the complex today finishing higher by  550 points to close around 3.27 a gallon in active trade in New York .

08 Mar

Soybeans Higher; Wheat & Corn Lower

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Grain Futures-- A mixed day in the grain markets today ahead of tomorrow's crop report which will be released at 7:30 AM central time with corn and wheat lower while soybeans futures continue their bullish run finishing up another $.10 cents in the May contract to finish around 13.37 a bushel also making a new closing contract high.

08 Mar

Gold & Silver Rally Ahead Of Unemployment Report Tomorrow

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The precious metals rallied today with gold leading the way higher by $14 closing around us $1,698 an ounce while silver futures also rallied finishing higher by 25 cents closing around 33.82 ounce in an active trade. Copper futures were relatively quiet today compared to silver and gold finishing higher by 200 points to close around 378.80 a pound while platinum futures for the April contract rallied $33 dollars to close at 1660 an ounce.

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