30 Jan

Short Term Bonds Yields Hit All-Time Low

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The 5 year note yield is at 0.73% which stands at a new low in yield. The futures contract is up again continuing to make contract highs once again. The 10 year yield is at 1.83% which also stands at a new low yield as well as the March futures contract making contract highs.The Fed came out last week and stated that rates will not go higher for at least 2 more years and that is the reason for renewed buying interest.

30 Jan

Cattle Herd Lowest Since 1952

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It was announced over the weekend that the cattle herd is the lowest since 1952 which is why feeder cattle continues to hit all time highs nearly every single day. Look also at cattle and hogs prices climbing at the stores due to low supplies. Also the human population is much higher than in 1952 which could put meat prices even much higher.The bull markets in most markets are coming back and I think will continue, however you do get down days due to Europe such as today.

30 Jan

Profit Taking In Metals Due To Euro Weakness

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Profit taking early on Monday morning across the board is blame don Euro currency weakness and U.S Dollar strength.Gold futures are lower by 8 dollars and silver futures are lower by 50 cents. If you have been looking to enter these markets on a dip this could be a good time to get long. The stock market is down by 90 points which in my opinion is just a retracement and should be bought because this is a bull market with valuations still pretty cheap. The soybeans are down 13 cents with corn and wheat also down about 6 cents each.

29 Jan

Quiet Night Session In The Commodity Markets 1-29

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The commodity markets are quiet tonight with very little fundamental news to move the market, look for monthly unemployment on Friday to bring some news to jolt the market. The grains are basically unchaged so far with weather improving in South America. The Euro currency is unchanged after a terrific rally in the last 2 weeks. Gold unchanged as well. This will be a busy trading week because of earnings and the unemployment report.Gold and silver are slightly higheras well as crude oil futures.

29 Jan

Gold Rallies Strong On Bullish Momentum

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27 Jan

Precious Metals Rally Again 1-27-12

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  Thank you for requesting the Seery Report, if you have any questions regarding your account or are looking for a futures broker please call me at 800-615-7649. Also Included are Closing Commodity Prices.    

27 Jan

Quiet Day In S&P Today

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Stock Market—The S&P market closed slightly lower today closing around 13.12 in the March contract. With the Vix continuing to head lower I believe that the equity market will continue to climb higher due to QE3 and constant government stimulus. Interest rates hit all-time lows once again in the 2 year and 5 year notes which tell me that equities and hard assets are cheap. Continue to look to buy  calls or futures in the S&P if there is a 3-5 percent drop. If you have any questions about selling premiums in the S&P market please call me at 800-615-7649.

27 Jan

Contract Highs In Unleaded Gasoline Futures

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Energy Futures—Crude oil futures settled lower by nearly 20 cents to close around 99.55 a barrel. Even with the Euro currency rallying sharply ounce again today it wasn’t enough for crude oil and several other commodities to continue their bullish momentum. Unleaded gasoline futures exploded to the upside continuing to make contract highs in the February contract closing higher by 8 cents to close around 2.93 a gallon. Consumers will soon see an increase in gas prices around the country and if Iran starts trouble again there could be some real fireworks in the energy pits.

27 Jan

Gold & Silver Continue Bullish Momentum 1-27-12

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Metal Futures—Gold futures rallied again today giving the bulls the upper hand once again since the Federal Reserve has opened up their purse strings to push the U.S Dollar lower against most currencies. Silver futures traded in a 70 cent range which is pretty quiet day for this precious metal going into the weekend ending nearly unchanged at 33.80 an ounce with gold closing up another 9 dollars to close around 1,737 an ounce. Copper futures also continue to hold strength on improving economic conditions worldwide held steady at around 3.90 a pound.

27 Jan

Grain Prices Mixed In Lack Luster Trade 1-27-12

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Grain Futures—  A quiet day in the grains today with very little fundamental news to determine price direction. Soybeans futures opened lower and stayed lower all afternoon closing down 5 cents near its low of the day to close around 12.18 a bushel. This market is still a very choppy market with large swings on the up and down side. Look at some cheap option calls or a possible bull call spread in the April contract if you believe grain prices are going higher. Corn futures were strong all day long closing higher by 7 cents to close around 6.40 a bushel.

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