16 Feb

How Much Money Do you Risk On Any Given Trade?

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Trading futures or options can be a very lucrative business or it can be devastating on the bottom line with tremendous losses, unless you are smart enough to have a successful money management sysem in place before you ever place a trade. The question is how much money should you risk on any given trade? My answer is always the same you should risk between 1-2% on your account balance.

16 Feb

Unleaded Gas Makes Contract Highs: Crude Oil Up Slightly

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  The bull market continues in the energy sector today with unleaded gasoline hitting fresh contract highs once again today finishing higher by another 400 points to close around 3.04 a gallon. Crude oil futures finished higher today by 40 cents and reversing earlier selling pressure to settle around 102.25 a barrel in a very volatile trade today.

16 Feb

Grains Mixed In Quiet Trade

in Blog, corn, oats, rough rice, soybeans, wheat

 A quiet day in the grain pits in Chicago as there is no new fundamental news to move the market in any direction. Corn prices rallied slightly after a solid sell off in the last week or so to finish up 9 cents at 6.37 a bushel in a lack luster trade. Wheat continues its bearish momentum finishing up only 2 centsto close around 6.29 and might re test recent lows at 5.90 a bushel. Soybeans rallied from early of lows to finish around unchanged going into Fridays trade.

16 Feb

Gold & Silver Rally From Early Lows

in Blog, copper, gold, platinum, silver

 The precious metals rally strongly heading into the close with gold finishing at unchanged for the day after being lower by 22 dollars in early trading. Silver futures were down 70 cents only then to rally and finish around unchanged as well in volatile trade in New York today. Copper futures hit a 3 week low today in early trading when prices dropped 800 points before rallying strong as well and finishing at 3.80 unchanged for the day.

16 Feb

Unleaded Gas Hits New Highs!

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Unleaded gasoline futures for March are hitting freh contract highs in early trade up over 300 points currently trading at 3.04 a gallon. Expect to pay more at the pumps in the next several months especially going into peak driving season. Crude oil is erasing early loses and now is trading higher by 82 cents at 102.65 on the highs of the day. Heating oil futures are higher by 150 points at 3.21 a gallon.

16 Feb

Coffee Makes Contract Lows Down 300 Points

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Coffee prices for March delivery is down for the 7th straight day lower by over 300 points currently trading at 197.50 a pound. Coffee prices have plummeted in the last 7 days looking at the next support at 190.50 and then 175 could be tested soon. Lack of demand and a large crop coming to harvest are to blame for prices heading lower.

15 Feb

Where Do I Place My Stop Loss?

in Blog, stop placement

The biggest question that I have been asked is when  do I exit a winning trade and when do I exit a losing trade? The rule of thumb that I use is placing my stop loss at the ten day high if I am short or a 10 day low if I am long. If you have any questions please call me at 800-615-7649 and I will review many basic trading rules with you.

15 Feb

Cotton Prices Close Near Lows; What Will Farmers Plant ?

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Cotton futures for March delivery have been very volatile in the last month or so and today was no different with cotton selling off 200 points from early morning highs to close at 92.50 a bale up 20 points for the day. In my opinion I think the lows are in the cotton market, however I would like to see what the planted acreage will be for 2012 with the battle on what crop to grow: meaning what do you as a farmer make more money g

15 Feb

Cocoa Futures Rally 130 Points!

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Cocoa futures for March delivery soared higher by 130 points today to close around 24.00 and looks to have bottomed in price. We had recently retraced 50% of the up move in the last 2 weeks and now look to re test 24.80 to begin a new bull market, which could go back into the 30's if problems persist in the Ivory Coast where cocoa is grown and harvested.

15 Feb

Coffee Prices Plummet To Contract Lows Again

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Coffee prices continue making contract lows today finishing down for the 6th straight day down over 375 points to close at 200.40. It did come off the lows a little bit and with oversold indicators look for a bounce or take profits if you are short. The next support for coffee is 190.50 and after that you could drop down to 175.

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