10 Feb

Cattle & Hogs Trade Lower

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 Feeder cattle finished lower by 105 points to close around 154.10 a pound still just around 200 points from all-time highs. If you are a trader who tries to pick tops and bottoms look at selling the feeder cattle futures and place the stop above all-time highs to limit your risk if you are incorrect which is about $1,000 risk per contract. Live cattle sold off as well settling down by 110 points closing at 127.05.

10 Feb

Crude Oil & Products Lower On Strong Dollar

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 Crude oil traded lower all day today closing down $1.20 cents to close around 98.70 a barrel but finished off their lows of 97.37 from earlier in the session. Today’s stronger dollar and aggressive selling in the commodities markets today were to blame for the energy sectors lose. Unleaded gasoline futures finished lower by 450 points to close around 2.97 a gallon and heating oil also lower by 3 cents to close near 3.18 a gallon.

10 Feb

Corn & Wheat Down Sharply Again

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 The grains were down again today making wheat and corn hit 2 week lows on bearish sentiment. Wheat futures for March delivery were down sharply over 16 cents to close around 6.30 a bushel finishing down sharply for the 2nd day in a row. Corn futures continued their selling for the 2nd day in a row as well finishing down 8 cents closing around 6.30 a bushel. Soybean futures for March were only down 1 cents closing around 12.27 a bushel.

10 Feb

Sugar & Coffee Remain In Tight Trading Range

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 Not much excitement today in the coffee market selling off over 150 points in early trading re-testing contract lows before settling around 216.50 in light trading. Sugar futures for March delivery also remained in a tight trading range finishing higher by 16 points to close around 24.68. Keep an eye on these markets because their volatility is low at this point it makes me think a breakout is soon to happen.

10 Feb

Metals Down On Strong Dollar

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 Gold futures for February delivery sold off today finishing lower by $16 dollars to close around 1,725 an ounce. The U.S dollar was strong all day against the foreign currencies putting pressure on the precious metals as a whole. Silver futures were down 36 cents to close around 33.60 an ounce rallying 45 cents from session lows.

10 Feb

Farmers Hedging Is A Smart Idea!

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If you make a living farming in any sector such as grains, dairy, energy products, or any other type of commodity, in my opinion if the price fluctuates greatly than you should hedge to limit risk. These commodities listed above move greatly up and down throughout the year and not having any sort of hedge on your commodity is dangerous. A hedger wants to limit their risk on the downside in case prices plummet and the way to do that is by purchasing puts.

10 Feb

Grain Markets Hit 2 Week Low

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The grain futures are selling off for a 2nd day in a row causing corn and wheat prices to test 2 week lows. Soybeans are now down 30 cents from yesterdays highs and the tone in commodities today is bearish with many sectors trading lower. Oat futures are higher by 1 cent bucking the bearish sentiment.

10 Feb

Crude Oil & Products Down Sharply In Early Trade

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Crude oil futures are sharply lower this morning selling off over $2 dollars a barrel trading around 97.80 on European concerns. The U.S dollar is sharply higher which is putting addition pressure on the energy sector. Unleaded gasoline is down over 450 points trading around 2.97 a gallon after a nice rally in the last couple of weeks.

10 Feb

S&P Down On Greece Situation

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If you been waiting to buy this S&P for the last month or so today could be your day. The S&P is down sharply today because of the Greece problem once again, however this will fade soon and the bulls could come back in force buying the market on the idea that equities are cheap and their is no other area to put your money . The bond market yields are to low to make any interest so the money is flowing into hard assets and stocks.

10 Feb

Coffee Prices Test Contract Lows

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Coffee prices reversed  sharply on Thursday with continued weakness today. Coffee is down 130 more points for the March contract and is testing the contract low of 212. Every single commodity is sharply lower because of the strong dollar and problems with Greece.

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