12 Feb

Soybeans Re-Testing Highs

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Soybeans open higher with a weaker dollar and general bullishness in the commodity sector. March soybeans are up 11 cents currently trading at 12.39 a bushel. Last weeks high of 12.47 might be re tested tonight or tomorrow. Corn and wheat are higher by only 3 cents after a sharp sell off last week. Oat futures remain strong opening higher by 2 cents trading at 3.20 a bushel.

12 Feb

Dollar Lower: Commodities Higher

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The U.S  dollar is trading lower tonight on the night session with the euro currency surging more than 70 points and the other foreign currencies are higher as well. The commodity sector is higher as crude oil is up by 80 cents and gold up over 4 dollars. The grain market opens at 6pm ct. The S&P is higher by 5 points trading at 1345.50.

12 Feb

Free 25 Proven Option Strategies

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12 Feb

Natural Gas Still In Bear Trend

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Natural gas has been trading in a bear market for over 2 years and still looks like the supply glut could push prices even lower. Natural gas for March delivery is trading around 2.45 which it right near contract lows after rallying to 2.80 earlier in the week on short covering. The price 3 years ago was around 12.50 and now is around 2.45 which is an incredible sell off strictly because of record inventory due to a very mild winter and lack luster demand.

12 Feb

Is The Bottom In On Milk?

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Milk prices rallied last week due to an oversold market and the fact that prices had fallen to quickly. I believe that the low is in on milk prices and a sideways bottoming pattern could develop before we start to see higher prices and maybe a re test of 18 cents.  Look at the option market  if you are looking to hedge your dairy products and try to minimize your price risk.

12 Feb

Many Commodities Re-Testing Contract Lows

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The commodity markets will be volatile again this week with the metals leading the charge in terms of volatility. Last week the metals saw big up days as well as large sell offs when the dollar strengthened against the Euro currency. Many commodities are retesting contract lows such as coffee, cocoa, milk, cotton, wheat, and several others with the possibility of the lows being made or the continuation of bear markets.

11 Feb

Free 1 On 1 Consultation About Hedging & Trading

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If you are looking for advice about hedging livestock , grain,  milk , or any other commodity please call me at 800-615-7649 and I will give you advice that helps minimize your risk.

11 Feb

Cotton Prices Extremely Volatile In 2012

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The cotton market is very wild and can have tremendous swings throughout the course of a year. In the last month we have gone from as low as 84.00 a bale to 100.00 a bale back down to todays price of aroung 90.50. If you are cotton farmer these swings might drive you crazy, however that is why people hedge their crops in case of plummeting prices such as what cotton has done in the last year.

10 Feb

Lumber & Cocoa Trade Lower

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Lumber futures for March delivery traded lower today along with the rest of the commodity sector closing down by 2 dollars to close around 269.50 for the day. I believe the lows are in the lumber market but the charts have 2 gaps lower to be filled so I would wait for at least $15 pullback which puts the price around 255 to enter on the long side. If the U.S economy improves lumber prices will benefit because demand will pick as will the housing problem.

10 Feb

Milk Prices Jump Higher 2nd Day In A Row

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 The dairy farmers had a welcome day today with May futures up 31 points to close higher for the 2nd day in a row settling at 16.12. This market had a high of around 18.00 two months ago and may have bottomed in the short term. Major support in May milk is around 16.00 and has hit that price 3 times in the last 6 months and has rebounded every time.

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