28 Feb

Silver Futures Hit New Contract Highs; Gold Higher

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Silver futures are hitting fresh contract highs again today soaring another 60 cents in early trading trading at 36.20 in the May contract while gold futures for April are rising 10 dollars an ounce at $1,784 dollars an ounce and only a blink away from contract highs at 1.808.

27 Feb

Will Coffee Rally This Spring?

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Coffee futures for May delivery were slightly higher today climbing 100 points to close around 204.60 a pound. Coffee prices declined drastically 2 weeks ago and are right near contract lows, however with the frost season in Brazil coming this May you could see some weather premiums built into the price in the coming months.

27 Feb

Milk Prices Climb Off Lows

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Milk futures rose today on a general rally in agricultural commodities climbing higher by 16 points to close around 15.29 for April delivery. Prices of milk in recent years have dropped from their peak in 2008 as is the case for many other markets as well, however prices at the store here in Chicago still range from $3.50 a gallon to $4.00 a gallon which isn’t exactly cheap.

27 Feb

Are You Protected From A Falling Dollar?

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   Investing in the S&P 500 and commodities can be a wise idea to grow your portfolio over the course of time, however there can be tumultuous times that can have your portfolio decline dramatically as in the case of the financial collapse of 2008. Those times are over and the S&P is right near its old highs and the Nasdaq composite is at 11 year highs and the commodity markets have rallied tremendously in the last couple of years.

27 Feb

Have Cotton Prices Bottomed?

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Cotton prices rallied today with the May contract leading the way closing higher by 90 points to close around 91.08 a bale. Cotton has been on a roller coaster in the last month with huge rallies and big declines in price in the last 2 weeks or so but with the grain market starting to rally especially soybeans this could put some planting questions into play when spring arrives.

27 Feb

Crude Oil & Products Lower On Strong Dollar

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Crude oil futures today and its products  sold off after nearly 2 straight weeks of gains finishing lower by $2.00 dollars at 107.10 a barrel blamed on profit taking. Unleaded gasoline which has been the leader in the energy complex sold off 400 points to close around 3.11 a gallon while heating oil futures were also lower by nearly 500 points to close near the lows of the day.

27 Feb

Do You Need Advice With Your Trading Account?

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   Free 1 on 1 consultation -- If you are searching for a professional advisor to help and advise you on your trading portfolio, money management techniques, or hedging your crops please contact Michael Seery at 800-615-7649 so we can go over strategies, techniques, risk and reward, and your personal goals and objectives.

27 Feb

Soybeans Break $13 A Bushel; Corn & Wheat Higher

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Soybean futures rallied to fresh contract highs this afternoon in Chicago surpassing $13 dollars a bushel closing around 13.01 higher by 15 cents. Corn and wheat reversed early losses to rally and join the party with wheat finishing higher by 12 cents in the May contract closing near the high of the day at 6.54 a bushel. Corn futures finished only 4 cents higher in the May contract closing around 6.49 a bushel reversing a 6 cent loss in early trading.

27 Feb

Silver Hits New Contract Highs;Gold Unchanged

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Silver futures for May delivery ended higher by 20 cents today to close around $35.60 an ounce in a quiet trading  session ending near the highs of the day. Gold futures ended near unchanged the day closing around 1,776 an ounce in a tight trading range. The U.S dollars was higher today putting a lid on metals prices at least for today with copper prices slightly higher closing  200 points to close around 388.20 a pound.

27 Feb

Cocoa Futures Rally Sharply

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Cocoa futures are sharply higher this afternoon trading higher by 80 points to currently around 24.35 with the next resistance at 24.67 and then 25.00. Cocoa has rallied from the lows last month and are rallying with many of the other commodity sectors.

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