27 Feb

Are You Protected From A Falling Dollar?

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   Investing in the S&P 500 and commodities can be a wise idea to grow your portfolio over the course of time, however there can be tumultuous times that can have your portfolio decline dramatically as in the case of the financial collapse of 2008. Those times are over and the S&P is right near its old highs and the Nasdaq composite is at 11 year highs and the commodity markets have rallied tremendously in the last couple of years.

10 Feb

Farmers Hedging Is A Smart Idea!

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If you make a living farming in any sector such as grains, dairy, energy products, or any other type of commodity, in my opinion if the price fluctuates greatly than you should hedge to limit risk. These commodities listed above move greatly up and down throughout the year and not having any sort of hedge on your commodity is dangerous. A hedger wants to limit their risk on the downside in case prices plummet and the way to do that is by purchasing puts.

02 Feb

Crude Oil Down Sharply-Products Mixed In Quiet Trade

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The crude oil market was down $1.50 a barrel today on the defensive because of the large overhang of supply in the market. Like I said yesterday I think crude had to go to 95 dollars a barrel before heading higher which it did this morning. Unleaded gasoline finished lower by 2 cents to close at 2.87 a gallon in light trading today. Heating oil was higher by 1 cent to close around 3.05 a gallon.

30 Jan

Commodities Lower Amid Strong Dollar: Charts & Closing Quotes Included

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                          The Seery Futures & Options Report    1-30-12

29 Jan

Gold Rallies Strong On Bullish Momentum

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  Thank you for requesting the Seery Report, if you have any questions regarding your account or are looking for a futures broker please call me at 800-615-7649. Also Included are Closing Commodity Prices.    

27 Jan

Gold Soars On Fed Comments 1-26

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Metal Futures--- Another big day for the precious metals today with gold futures closing higher by $24 dollars an ounce to close around 1,724. The bulls are in charge because they have the Federal Reserve is looking to keep rates very low for 3 years to come making gold and other hard assets to rise in the future. Look for gold to retest its summer highs of around 1,900 dollars with silver going higher as well. The buying in gold spurred the silver futures for March to climb another 55 cents to close around $33.55 an ounce in volatile trading.

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