20 Mar

Precious Metals Plummeting In Early Trade

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Precious Metal Futures---The precious metals today open sharply lower with gold plunging down $16 dollars an ounce and currently trading at 1,651 while silver futures are sharply lower by $.55 cents trading at 32.40 an ounce with both precious metals retesting last week's lows. Platinum futures were down $26 dollars at 1, 658 an ounce and Palladium also lower by seven dollars currently trading exactly at 700.

16 Mar

Precious Metals Lower Despite A Lower Dollar

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 Precious Metal Futures-- The precious metals today ended to the downside but reversing from early losses with gold only finishing down $5 dollars to close at $1, 654 in ounce with silver also lower for the trading session finishing down $.16 cents at 32.56 an ounce in light trade in New York today,.

09 Mar

Precious Metals Higher Despite A Soaring Dollar

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Precious Metal Futures-- the precious metals today rallied after early a sharp selloff in gold and silver due to a strengthening dollar, but reversed to rally sharply higher for the day with gold finishing up $13 dollars at $1,712 an ounce with silver reversing a $.70 loss in early trading only to rally up $.43 cents to finish at $34.25 an ounce in heavy trade.

08 Mar

Gold & Silver Rally Ahead Of Unemployment Report Tomorrow

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The precious metals rallied today with gold leading the way higher by $14 closing around us $1,698 an ounce while silver futures also rallied finishing higher by 25 cents closing around 33.82 ounce in an active trade. Copper futures were relatively quiet today compared to silver and gold finishing higher by 200 points to close around 378.80 a pound while platinum futures for the April contract rallied $33 dollars to close at 1660 an ounce.

07 Mar

Gold & Silver Trade Higher Today

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The precious metals today rebounded from heavy losses in the last several days with gold leading the charge higher climbing  $11 dollars for the April contract closing around $1,683 an ounce while silver rallied as well climbing $.62 cents in the May contract closing at $33.40 an ounce in heavy volume in New York today.

06 Mar

Precious Metals Plummet On China News

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Precious metals today finished sharply lower across the board with silver down over a $0.90 cents an ounce for the May contract to close around $32.81 which is a 5 week low in heavy volume in New York while gold futures plummeted down $35 more dollars in the April contract breaking the $1700 support and currently closing at 1,687an ounce which is a 6 week low in heavy volume.

05 Mar

Gold Futures Testing Support

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The precious metals opened up slightly lower this morning with gold selling off more than $15 dollars last night however, now only down $3 dollars currently trading around $1706 an ounce with silver coming off the highs of last night and at one point being up $.45  cents but currently down five cents at $34.47 an ounce while platinum futures are also lower by $21 dollars and trading at $1671 an ounce while Palladium futures are slightly lower at 708.70.

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