I Am Bearish The 5 Year Note

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U.S Bond Futures--- The 5-year notes sold off sharply for the 3rd straight trading session to finish at 118-25 in the September contract with a possible top being created at 120 which has been hit on about 5 different times in the last 5 months & has failed to move higher and if you been reading any of my previous blogs I am a long-term bear on the bond market I think if you are an investor you should be short the 5-year and 10 year notes as the Federal Reserve will continue its tapering program.

There are several reasons to be bearish the bonds & one of my main reasons is I think inflation could start to creep its ugly head back into the United States as money printing eventually ends up creating inflation in my opinion, and the commodity markets have certainly reacted strongly in 2014 and that will push interest rates up as well as you cannot keep the easy monetary policy if prices continue to move up the way they are. All the government reports basically state that there’s no inflation but go to the grocery store and now you go to the gas station where prices are relatively high while insurance costs are going through the roof as well so inflation is already here, but I believe it’s going to get worse so continue to sell the futures market in the bonds and if you need help to structure some type of short bond portfolio feel free to give me a call & I will be more than happy to help you as I think this is an excellent opportunity in the long run. That advantage of this special opportunity because interest rates cannot stay this long forever, it just might take time so you have to have patience and not consider this as a trade but as an investment.

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