15 Mar

Crude Oil Trades Lower On Rumour; Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil Sharply Lower

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 Energy Futures-- Today crude oil futures had a wild ride on a rumour that Great Britain and the United States signed an agreement to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve thus lowering prices in the short term, however the Obama administration came out and denied these rumours saying that there was no agreement with Great Britain to release any oil at this time.

15 Mar

Will Soybeans Go To All-Time Highs?

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 Grain Market-- The grain market today surged to the upside due to the fact that there is a huge demand for these products and suddenly now are starting to put a weather premium into some of the prices especially soybeans with the hot and dry weather the Midwest is experiencing this week and in the next week with record temperatures across the board adding price premium going into spring planting.

15 Mar

Crude Oil Lower On Release Of Stategic Oil Reserve

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The United States and Great Britain have both agreed to release strategic oil to try and send crude oil prices lower this morning in an active trading session in New York. I believe you take advantage of this situation because of the fact that every time the Obama administration has released oil the price declines temporarily, but then makes new highs just a couple of days later.

15 Mar

Grain Market Explodes On The Open!

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The grain market opened sharply higher this morning on concerns of record temperatures across the Mid West again today with soybeans ripping to new contract highs once again today climbing over 17 cents to trade around 13.65 a bushel while corn futures have broken out to a 10 week high climbing another 12 cents and currently trading around 6.62 a bushel.

14 Mar

Why Do Successful Traders Use Seasonality?

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 What do traders mean when they talk about seasonality and its effects on commodity prices? The definition of seasonality states that a characteristic of a certain time when the data experiences regular and predictable changes which occur every calendar year and in a time series that reoccurs or repeats over one year can be said to be seasonal.

14 Mar

Dollar Hits A 6 Week High Against Euro

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 Currency Futures-- The U.S dollar today continued its bullish momentum finishing higher by another 34 points for the June contract closing at 80.96 which also is a seven week high while the Euro currency continues to slide closing down another 46 points with the next resistance at 1.2987 which occurred on February 16 and if prices break that level it could possibly go all the way back down to the 1.27 level which happened in December.

14 Mar

Milk Prices Higher For 7th Day In A Row

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 Milk Futures-- Milk futures today continued their bullish momentum today trading higher for the 7th straight trading session to close at 15.68 in the April contract and looking more like the lows have been created about a week and a half ago on a spike down in the charts at 14.25 and then rallying very quickly to a three week high in prices.

14 Mar

Feeder Cattle & Live Cattle Lower; Hogs Slightly Higher

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 Meat Futures-- Meat futures today were quiet in a tight trading range with live cattle for the April delivery finishing down by only 42 points to close at 127.30 a pound while feeder cattle also finished slightly lower finishing down about 70 points to close around 157.05 a pound.

14 Mar

Do You Understand Options?

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With more than 2.2 billion contracts (valued at $1.1 quadrillion) traded in 2007, CME Group is the world’s largest and most diverse derivatives exchange. Building on the heritage of CME, CBOT and NYMEX, CME Group serves the risk management needs of customers around the globe.

14 Mar

Sugar Prices Higher

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 Sugar Futures-- Sugar futures for the May delivery today shot up 31 points to close at 24.44 with the next resistance at about $.25.87 a pound which happened about two weeks ago bucking the trend today with most commodities lower but sugar was strong all day.

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