07 Mar

Watch Michael Seery On Bloomberg TV Thurday At 9am ct--Talking Commodities

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Watch Michael Seery this Thursday at 9am ct time on Bloomberg Business television discussing commodities and the how the bond market influences commodity and stock prices.

07 Mar

Gold & Silver Trade Higher Today

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The precious metals today rebounded from heavy losses in the last several days with gold leading the charge higher climbing  $11 dollars for the April contract closing around $1,683 an ounce while silver rallied as well climbing $.62 cents in the May contract closing at $33.40 an ounce in heavy volume in New York today.

07 Mar

Grains Sharply Lower

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The grain market sold off sharply today with May wheat down $.19 cents to finish at 6.38 a bushel in heavy volume while corn futures for the May delivery ended down $.15 cents to close around 6.39 a bushel pressuring the soybean market to finish down eight cents in the May contract closing around 13.27 a bushel today.

06 Mar

Why Are You Not Hedging?

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 If you are a farmer concerned about the price fluctuations of grains, meats, or energy products learn how to hedge like a professional and minimize your risk. If you are interested in hedging please call me at 800-615-7649 and we will discuss strategies that will protect you.

06 Mar

Free 1 On 1 Consultation With Michael Seery

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Do you know how to invest when the bond yield hits an all time low combined with an inflation in gas prices? Don't miss another opportunity to leverage your investments at the right time by signing up for an exclusive 1 on 1 Consultation with Mike Seery.

06 Mar

Commodities Plunge!

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Metal Futures--Precious metals today finished sharply lower across the board with silver down over a $0.90 cents an ounce for the May contract to close around $32.81 which is a 5 week low in heavy volume in New York while gold futures plummeted down $35 more dollars in the April contract breaking the $1700 support and currently closing at 1,687an ounce which is a 6 week low in heavy volume.

06 Mar

The U.S Dollar Surges Again

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The U.S dollar today was sharply higher for the fourth consecutive day finishing higher by 56 points to close at 79.93 looking to break out to 4 week highs if it crosses above 80.30 while the Euro currency is down for the fourth consecutive day down 121 points to finish at 1.3106 and looking to break the 130 area possibly by the unemployment report on Friday.

06 Mar

Crude Oil & Products Lower On Strong Dollar

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The energy sector today was down sharply as was the entire commodity and stock markets due to China's 7.5% growth rate which was very disappointed to traders so today crude oil was sharply lower down almost 2 dollars settling at 104.90 a barrel, while unleaded gasoline rallied towards the close only finishing down the 100 points at 3.24 a gallon while heating oil finished only down 200 points at 3.20 a gallon for the trading day.

06 Mar

Lumber Prices Near Contract Highs

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Lumber prices were lower by 170 points to

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