06 Feb

Is The Bottom In On Sugar & Coffee?

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Take a look at the daily coffee charts for the last 6 months, it looks to me that this market may have created a double bottom and might start to rally with the rest of the commodity sector. Sugar futures were up 60 points today to close near 24.55 near the highs of the day. Take a look at the sugar daily chart as well it also looks to me to be in a bottoming pattern and could start another bull run.


06 Feb

Grains Open Unchanged

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The grain market opened mixed with soybeans unchanged while corn is lower by 5 cents. Wheat is unchanged while the oats continue to climb up 4 cents. I still believe these markets are going higher and would not surprise me if they finish in positive territory today.

06 Feb

Metals Lower In Early Trade

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The metals are sharply lower in early trade sending gold down 26 dollars at one point , however gold has rallied and now is down 18 dollars trading at 1,723 an ounce. Silver futures are lower by 23 cents trading at 33.53 an ounce that to is also is off of the lows of the day. Copper futures are lower by 400 ppoints trading at 3.86 also off of its lows for the day.

05 Feb

Trade With Seery Futures

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Seery Futures is a commodity brokerage firm that deals with novice and experienced traders who are looking for information that might give them the edge to become a successful trader. For a Free 1 on 1 consultation to review your current positions, hedges, or possible option strategies that you are looking to implement.

05 Feb

Free 1 On 1 Consultation

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If you need help explaining your current portfoilio or you are looking to get started investing in the commodity market please give me a call at 800-615-7649 anytime 7 days a week.

04 Feb

How To Hedge Like A Pro

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If you are a farmer concerned about the price fluctuations of grains,meats, or energy products learn how to hedge like a professional and minimize your risk. If you are interested in hedging please call me at 800-615-7649 and we will discuss strategies that will protect you.

04 Feb

Mexico Drought Kills Cattle & Crops

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There is an interesting article about one of the worst drought on record in Mexico which has killed over 60,000 livestock and lowered corn production from 20.5 million tons to 18,4 million tons. Mexico is the main supplier of cattle to the U.S and one of the main reasons that feeder cattle is at all time highs.

04 Feb

Bonds Sell Off On Job Data

in 10 year notes, 5 year notes, Blog

The bond market on Friday sold off from recent all time highs in the 5 and 10 year notes due to a positive unemployment report which showed in January we added 243,000 new jobs.

04 Feb

Soymeal Leading Soybeans Higher

in Blog, corn, soybean meal, soybeans

If you look at the recent rally in soybeans and wonder why have prices not dropped with a bearish report 3 weeks ago which increased supply.

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