I Am Bearish Cattle Prices

I Am Bearish Cattle Prices
I Am Bearish Cattle Prices

Live Cattle Futures—Live cattle in the August contract is currently trading at 106.30 as now I am recommending a bearish position while placing the stop loss above the 10 day high standing at 108.50 as the risk is around $900 per contract plus slippage and commission.

At the present time the chart structure is outstanding as prices went limit up in yesterday’s trade due to the fact of an agreement on the tariff situation with Mexico, but this market still remains in a bearish trend in my opinion.

For the bearish momentum to continue we have to break the May 31st low of 102.30 in my opinion as the risk/reward is in your favor due to the high volatility and the relatively low risk for such a volatile commodity. The WASDE crop report was released this afternoon sending corn prices sharply higher while also sending feeder cattle prices lower as higher feed costs are bearish the cattle sector so stay short.

Volatility in cattle is very high at the current time so make sure if you do get involved that you place the proper amount of contracts while risking 2% of your account balance on any given trade.





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