This Is My Opinion On The Bullish Trends

This Is My Opinion On The Bullish Trends
This Is My Opinion On The Bullish Trends

Do Not Be Short–-In my opinion the amount of money that is currently sloshing around in the United States is unbelievable as we are spending trillions of dollars on an economy that’s already very solid despite the fact of the decimation of the hotel & restaurant business as there is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this while buying everything.

In my opinion I think stock prices will surge in 2021 while commodity prices are ridiculously cheap as you should take advantage of this situation as most asset classes will benefit due to quantitative easing which is on steroids at this time.

If you take a look politically speaking if the Republicans hold the Senate that means the Trump Administration basically has all of their agenda remaining for at least another 2 years as that is another bullish fundamental factor towards higher prices ahead as I see no reason to be short any asset classes and if you have a higher risk tolerance it is time to be involved to the upside as this situation will not come around again in our lifetime in my opinion. 


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