Where Is The Buy Or Sell Signal ?

Where Is The Buy Or Sell Signal ?
Where Is The Buy Or Sell Signal ?

When Should You Enter Into A Trade? I have been asked this questions on multiple times over the course of my 25 year trading career as I try to find the trend before entering into a bullish or bearish position as my rule states. I like to buy or sell a commodity when prices hit a 4 week high or low while still maintaining the proper risk management of 2% of your account balance on any given trade as it must also have excellent chart structure.

Trading with the trend I think is the most successful way over the course of time and having a 4 week high or low helps establish that the trend has started, now there are a lot of false breakouts and that’s why you must manage risk as picking bottoms and picking tops is a very foolish game over the course of time.

Generally speaking if prices hit a 4 week low or high that means the moving averages are also in that direction signalling that a trend is being formed.


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